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the present or recent times

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Critique: Comprised of eleven erudite and seminal articles of impressive scholarship, "Bridging Traditions: Alchemy, Chemistry, and Paracelsian Practices in the Early Modern Era " is enhanced with the inclusion of numerous illustrations, a succinctly informative Introduction, a three page list of Contributors, and a thirty-one page Index.
Armstrong, a naval aviator, research student at Kings College, London, UK, and military historian, collects and introduces five essays by naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914), explaining to students, officers, and policy makers how they can be applied to military strategy in the modern era.
As far as the comparison between footballers of the 1960s and the modern era is concerned I would apply the following simple test: would any WBA fan who saw Astle and Brown play in the 1960s exchange them for the current Albion players occupying similar positions?
The Veterans Era and Modern Era categories have separate Nominating Committees, each made up of 12 industry leaders who serve three-year terms.
Moon is one of the most able passers of the NFL's modern era, ranking fourth on the all-time list in completions, fourth in yards and fifth in touchdowns, having led the league in one or more of those categories in 1990, 1991 and 1995.
Career research is facing a similar challenge as it has been dominated by methodologies that emanate out of the positivist worldview of the modern era and has been mainly quantitative in nature.
The modern era of engineering thermoplastics was launched in 1953 when Dr.
IN ITS 92-year history, the Federal Reserve has had 12 chairmen, 7 in the modern era.
He also said that he is "fascinated to see how the British culture and the French culture and the sovereignty of the nations, longstanding traditional sovereignty can be integrated into the larger whole in the modern era.
Designing America's foreign policy in this modern era when a single, hard-to detect terrorist can wreak the havoc formerly reserved for national armadas is exceedingly complex.
His father, Joseph Kennedy, was one of the great womanizers of the modern era.
She considers the history of logic from Aristotle's time through the modern era, in order to define the rules of logic.
The late ancient environment is even more important for Kelley, because that was when eclecticism as such was established, only to have its reputation tarnished in the modern era in the wake of the canon-making history of philosophy written by J.
The great political upheavals of the mid-18th century, the American Revolution and the French Revolution, followed the sweeping changes in the world of ideas and ushered in the modern era.
Yet, prior to 1946, the year Woody Strode and Kenny Washington became the first black players in the NFL's modern era (Jackie Robinson became a Brooklyn Dodger and broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball in 1947), that's just the way it was in the upper echelon of professional sports--whites only This is not ancient history, but well within the lifetimes of most Americans.