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intermediate in size

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By planting a row of small or moderate-size trees, you can create an aerial hedge along a fence or across your front yard.
If set off within a cavity of the right size and shape, even a moderate-size nuclear bomb blast might appear to be no larger than a dynamite explosion that miners use routinely to loosen large volumes of rock.
In nuclear fission, the splitting of an unstable atomic nucleus typically produces two moderate-size fragments and a number of neutrons.
The company`s acquisition strategy to date has been to find moderate-size businesses that complement existing divisions.
Full-year cash flow from operations is expected to remain well in excess of capital expenditure and dividend requirements, providing capital for moderate-size acquisitions and discretionary share repurchases.
Los Angeles could avoid numerous moderate-size earthquakes only if it occasionally suffers much more destructive shocks.
We're delighted that Rockefeller Rothchild h Steele saw the benefits of 1414 as a quality boutique building especially suited to the needs of moderate-size professional service firms.
For good reason these community leaders are asking why the state should dictate policy to the other 997 districts when it can't run even a moderate-size district.
Kay Carlson, the oak tree adviser to the city of Santa Clarita, said a landowner who cuts down moderate-size oaks would be charged $5,000 per tree by the city.
The site, to be called Cranberry Business Park, was purchased from Three Rivers Aluminum Company and will be developed to accommodate 15 to 20 small- and moderate-size companies.
Unusual air pressure patterns off the coast of California may trigger some of the numerous moderate-size earthquakes in this state, according to a controversial report by a meteorologist who has been studying West Coast weather for several decades.
Those under 5 feet 5 inches had a risk of heart disease that was double that of these moderate-size men, while men over 5 feet 10 inches had a risk that was 60 percent lower.
dollar-denominated bonds, and a moderate-size portfolio of equity investments of companies based in Asia.
Unless there are "substantial changes in the nature and objectives of farm policy," the report says, the traditional moderate-size farm with sales of $100,000 to $250,000 "will largely be eliminated as a viable force in American agriculture.
But, it says, "Emerging technologies need to be transferred to moderate-size dairy farms at a much earlier time in the technology adoption process for these farms to survive.
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