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In 1999, 38 percent of the dial-up modems sold were full-hardware modems, 37 percent were controller-less and only 25 percent were full-software modems.
For Macintosh disciples, two favored fax modems are the Sportster 2400 MAC&FAX and the Sportster 14,000 MAC&FAX.
2400 baud modems will usually operate at all three speeds; 1200 baud modems will usually work at 1200 and 300 baud; 300 baud modems will only operate at 300 baud).
The Secure Access Modem (SAM) in conjunction with a Secure Access Controller (SAC) , authenticates remote users attempting to access protected network equipment, such as switches, routers and multiplexers.
has added the low cost WHM900 RF Modem Module to its Embedded Modem Module family.
Whether the SDIO 56K Modem Card is used as a primary modem, or used as backup when Wi-Fi hot spots or high-speed Internet connections are not available, it is an invaluable tool for Pocket PC users that need to stay connected.
Microchip's Software Modem Libraries can bring reduced system cost, smaller size and improved performance to the following representative applications: POS terminals; set-top boxes; drop boxes; fire panels; Internet-enabled home security systems; Internet-enabled power, gas and water meters; Internet-enabled vending machines; smart appliances; industrial monitoring; remote diagnostics for any equipment and portable medical equipment.
The SM family of low cost modems are available now with small quantities of each model in stock.
Both modems facilitate global wireless communication over Quake Global's connection to a network of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, as well as either the CDMA or GSM networks, making them ideal choices for fleet managers whose tracking systems must be able to access the satellite network when the cellular network is unavailable, and vice versa.
a leading provider of broadband communication and networking solutions, today announced the unveiling of its USB/Serial 56K External Modem, a high-performance analog modem that gives Internet users greater flexibility and reliability than ever before.
11 mobility software and software-defined radio products, today announced that Conexant has acquired PCTEL's soft modem operation.
Additional features of the new single-chip Bluetooth radio modems include:
com) in the May and August 2002 issues of Cable Datacom News, Toshiba has shipped 50,000 more DOCSIS modems than its closest competitor during the first half of 2002.
Tests conducted by Cox engineers and feedback from system managers across the country made it clear that Toshiba's PCX DOCSIS modems are some of the highest quality cable modems available today.