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Synonyms for modeling

sculpture produced by molding

a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied

the act of representing something (usually on a smaller scale)

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Changes that RMS made to its models included reflecting climate variability in the modeling of event frequency, increasing the differentiation between individual risks, and driving toward models that are as comprehensive as possible, VanderMarck said.
A corollary conclusion from that first consultation was that modeling can provide a comprehensive, explicit examination of the assumptions and logic that enter into a decision, in a way that purely verbal reasoning and debate cannot.
However, formal modeling of the features that make some assets more liquid than others has proven very difficult.
The reflectance modeling makes use of surface topography measurements--an approach that is new in the rendering field.
Mathematical modeling provides information on where each part dimension lies on a curve, rather than just being termed "good" or "bad.
Model Builder's advanced modeling capabilities support the design and deployment of decision management applications that can be configured to meet the unique needs of different businesses.
Predictive modeling helps insurers define groups that are more homogenous for rating, underwriting and marketing.
Multiple disciplines should be involved in model and scenario development; in particular, the climate modeling community should be included.
Because particles are not simply tracers flowing with the air, the modeling of forces and properties of discrete particles provides the ability to calculate subgrid characteristics such as air-to-particle drag, wall impaction and erosion, distinct material interfaces and local density, unfilled or poorly filled regions, distribution of particle sizes in regions and lost foam bead expansion at hot walls.
A commitment to modeling of this type will allow the NCI to apply the most sophisticated tools available for evidence-based planning to several areas: 1) Be responsive to challenges due to the increasing pace of technology, and to provide short-term answers while randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are still in progress.
The biggest trend we see right now is an intense focus on underwriting, and the more advanced applications and deployment of modeling within the underwriting process," said Paul VanderMarck, executive vice president of products for modeler Risk Management Solutions, based in Newark, Calif.
In a project conducted by the American Metalcasting Consortium (modern casting, September 1996), users were surveyed about the costs and benefits of using process modeling software.
NEW YORK -- The Insurance and Actuarial Advisory Services (IAAS) practice of Ernst & Young LLP today announced highlights from its recent Actuarial Transformation(TM) Roundtable in a report discussing the people, process and technology issues surrounding critical financial modeling, valuation and risk measurement initiatives
Recognizing this, catastrophe modelers that long have marketed earthquake and hurricane applications, now have expanded their modeling tools to include these more frequently occurring events.
2003a, 2003b) fail to mention any of the recent publications on the application of probabilistic neural networks (PNNs) for the modeling of toxicity endpoints.
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