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counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood

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They also showed that when a cryptanalyst has access to an oracle for any mode of operation, then almost all other related cipher modes can be easily attacked.
The main advantage of this inverter topology is it uses only three DC voltage sources and seven switches to achieve seven level output voltage during the symmetric mode of operation as compared with other conventional topologies.
A method of printing holograms comprising operating a holographic printer in a first mode of operation to directly write a 1-step white-light viewable hologram and operating said holographic printer in a second mode of operation to write a master hologram (H1) that is used thereafter to produce a white-light viewable hologram (H2), said method further comprising:
Determining which mode of operation to utilize for each application environment generally requires support from disaster recovery planning experts.
He compares this mode of operation to a square dance, in which everyone is moving and partners must wait until they're next to each other to do the required figure.
Proprietary "Intelligent" Copy Mode of Operation now supports Advanced Format Hard Drives, the exFAT File System and additional Linux Based File Systems
The operating modes of hybrid microgrid system are stand-alone mode, grid-connected mode and islanding mode of operation in the power system.
Contract notice: Effects of making tariff agreements public on the labour market~s mode of operation and for wage formation.
In its ongoing efforts to revolutionize real estate's traditional mode of operation, Dwelling Quest announced the launch of the Residential Referral Network.
that's going to be normal mode of operation for us,'' McElwain said.
The Quad-Mode architecture of the CAT3636 adds a fourth mode of operation, 1.