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an auxiliary verb (such as 'can' or 'will') that is used to express modality

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A Semantic Investigation into the use of Modal Auxiliary Verbs in the Manifesto of a Ghanaian Political Party.
When I encounter a command, whether it is phrased with a verb in the imperative mood or with a modal auxiliary verb, I automatically ask myself who is issuing that command, and for what purpose?
The modal auxiliary verbs are common words that native English speakers have been using since early childhood.
If the errors in the word class verbs are considered, main verbs posed more problems than modal auxiliary verbs (5).
If word classes are considered, the use of the open word class verb also points to the students' tendency to make more errors when using main verbs, rather than modal auxiliary verbs, as indicated in Crespo Garcia (1999) and the results in this paper.
A semantic study of modal auxiliary verbs in Chinese.
This book contrasts the system of modal auxiliary verbs in English and German and investigates the factors determining their translation equivalents.