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Synonyms for mod

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for mod

relating to a recently developed fashion or style

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It has really been well-received and so we're excited about the future of custom mod building at MV Authentics.
Last week Valve CEO Gabe Newell stated that if the paid mods feature did not help "make modding better for the authors and gamers," then the company would abandon the idea.
MOD Mission Critical is uniquely positioned to deliver these flexible and affordable solutions worldwide.
Having a baby on "The Sims 4" is only allowed on heterosexual Sims as per default setting, but a mod can alter the setting and enables any couple whether heterosexual or homosexual to have babies.
But there was a late-70s revival under the influence of The Jam and their frontman Paul Weller, and in the 1990s Mod culture regained mass appeal when Blur and Oasis spearheaded the Mod-inspired Britpop movement.
Brown added: "Having been named as the polluter, the MOD must now agree to fund the clean-up of the area.
It has been refreshing to work the CIO group within MoD, who have been responsible for guiding this pilot project through the necessary stages to make this project a reality.
Another example, pre-2013, for a $12,000 loss: $5,000 would be primary and $7,000 excess, but the primary portion of the loss has a much greater impact on the calculation of the mod than does the excess portion.
The original mod music scene lasted between 1962 and maybe 1968.
That number is more than half the total number of HAMP trial mods canceled (740,240) in the entire program since its launch.
As many as 11 such requests from the J& K government have been declined by the MoD in 2010 alone.
Modrophonic May Day Weekend (MM1), in Mathew Street, will celebrate everything great about Mod culture.
Modrophonic May Day Weekend (MM1) in Mathew Street, will celebrate everything great about the Mod culture.
e] mod N, where N is the product of two large prime numbers of same length, e is the public key chosen such that it is relatively prime with the Euler totient function [phi](N) and 1 < e < [phi](N).
n]} mod m) is a divisor of 2520 and there by eliminate certain residue class modulo k.