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Synonyms for mod

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for mod

relating to a recently developed fashion or style

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Committee chairman James Arbuthnot said: "Of course the costs of operations are uncertain, but Parliament and the public have a right to know what the MoD is expecting to spend.
MoD has broad force development objectives: build a modern, highly mobile professional army, including a professional non-commissioned officer (corps, a mobile/rapid response force, a new strategic air defense system, a peacekeeping unit and a navy.
Cannot rate Work In Progress Mods, and Mods can only be rated once they have been downloaded
The new Moto Mods are essentially modules, that fit as back covers, which fit on the Moto Z, using proprietary magnetic connectors, developed by Lenovo.
MK93 MOD 1, NSN 1005-01-383-2757 (see M2 HMMWV Pedestal entry for specifics)
Different organizations within the MoD felt they had legitimate claims to receive the software and training.
MOD Systems has partnered with Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC) to add GreenPlay support to the company's Roxio CinePlayer software application, a full-featured Blu-ray Disc and DVD player for PCs offering high-definition playback and premium audio features.
Users can browse and try mods in the game by creating (https://account.
Mod support will start on October 28th when the PS4 version of Skyrim remastered will launch.
MOD Systems' retail solution directly addresses these needs, while giving consumers a faster, more portable way to download movies, TV shows, music and other digital content, then replay it on multiple devices.
Nudity, profanity and sexual objects are routinely sprinkled across mod databases for any title.
TOKYO -- MOD Systems Incorporated, an industry-leading provider of digital media delivery systems for retailers, today announced that the MOD Retail Enterprise System will be showcased at Japan's largest retail IT and supply chain event: Retailtech Japan 2009 in Tokyo (Booth #RT1107).
The "Fallout 4" update creates a Mod section in the game's main menu.
LAS VEGAS -- MOD Systems, an industry-leading provider of digital media delivery systems for retailers, today began demonstrating secure digital video downloads to SD cards with playback on a range of compatible consumer electronics devices.
Mod developer Billy Rand at YouTube posted (https://www.