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Synonyms for mocker

someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision

long-tailed grey-and-white songbird of the southern United States able to mimic songs of other birds

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and nothing happened, Fitzpatrick was stunned and the mockers grew bolder.
Using the TV-b-gone you can put the mockers on your friend's, co-workers' and family's enjoyment of Strictly Ice Factor in one surreptitious stroke.
And now she reckons the pressure she put on him may have put the mockers on her lad - leading to his horrendous miss.
Zak puts the mockers on Sam's attempt to get his own home, then has a change of heart.
We lost two games in the middle of the season and were also hit by the weather, which put the mockers on us for a while.
A poll of 7,000 mockers by food company Trufree has indicated that the custard cream is the nation's favourite biscuit, with nine out of 10 Brits voting for it.
Some years are worse than others, mostly when there are more new mockers--seasoned mockers are not as bad.
Matt glennon aims to put the mockers on a family party on Saturday.
4 percent had mutations conferring resistance to the M2 Mockers.
Back to James on Daumier's contemporary, Gavarni: "the wittiest, the most literary and most acutely profane of all mockers with the pencil.
We're a bunch of Hollywood mockers, and I don't think there was any reason for them to trust us.
Galileo, in his final race, is likely to take on Fantastic Light again in the Classic but those in the know maintain the Boys In Blue fancy their older horse to put the mockers on the Derby hero again.
Thus they will be inwardly calm and at peace and neither stirred by praise of flatterers nor stung by the follies of unlearned mockers of learning.
The heat 13 clash of the titans just about put the mockers on Coventry's night.
From a young age Jon dedicated himself to studying opera and perfecting his Heldentenor voice to perform Wagner repertoires, while Tony ventured first into playing instrumental surf and, later, power pop with The Mockers.