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Synonyms for mock

Synonyms for mock

to make fun or make fun of

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something

made to imitate something else

Synonyms for mock

the act of mocking or ridiculing

Related Words

imitate with mockery and derision

constituting a copy or imitation of something

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During his speech at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) press conference in Pasig City on Monday, Cadiz said: 'Justice, human rights, and the rule of law are being mocked by a lawyer aided and abetted by other lawyers.
There's one significant factor that explains why the defendant was being mocked - his stutter.
From the hammy actor whose dramatic - if inexplicable - midsentence pauses became widely mocked, he has evolved into an award-winning performer whose flights into camp suggest a guy who's laughing along with us and enjoying a great ride, besides.
Proposed labs in Searle's new life sciences facility were mocked up in a warehouse to allow research tenants to interact with the lab designers for a more functional final design.