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full-scale working model of something built for study or testing or display

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The mock-up of the Global 7000 aircraft features a dining area, entertainment lounge, en-suite master bedroom and private washroom.
The HAZMAT mock-up is the latest expansion of this learning method.
In a 2016 survey conducted by Smith Group JJR of healthcare design professionals, owner's representatives, and owners, 100 percent of the respondents said they used a mock-up process in the past five years.
Soon, a mock-up of the trains which will run on the Metro will arrive in Doha and we are planning to put this on display to help educate the public about our exciting new services," said Dr Saad Al Muhannadi, CEO of Qatar Rail.
To ensure a productive mock-up, consider the following before going into the field:
In the mock-ups, Andy is shown as Hollywood action heroes including Crocodile Dunblane, Mad Muzz and Captain Amuzzica.
Mr Gent said: "My company was responsible for the structural design of the Spitfire Island sculpture and we have one of the original scale mock-ups of the finished thing.
The technician can then make diagnostic mock-ups in wax to communicate to the patient achievable results in their specific case using various treatment plans.
The challenge for Hodge, and exhibition designers Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown, was to bring the inert to life with video footage and balance the models with mock-ups.
The exhibition of mock-up rooms will be officially opened by Worcester Labour MP Mike Foster on June 8 but visits by the public will take place on June 12 at 10.
To supplement the interface-like mock-up of Figure 4, I include two figures showing some of the early mock-ups that we worked with in the Utopia project.
Doug Noble cut the ribbon on a new dry goods storeroom mock-up, providing yet another opportunity for prospective division officers to employ a tactile approach to learning our craft.
A simple mock-up is typically constructed of foam core, cardboard, simple props, and print outs, including tape on the floor and walls.
However, what we do not see in a mock-up matters just as much--if not more.
Seator's approach to "use" becomes clearer when contrasted with, say, the strategies of Tiravanija, who in his most recent New York show entertained viewers in a full-scale mock-up of his East Village apartment, open twenty-four hours a day.