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a satirical imitation of heroic verse

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Thus, in his reconceived mock-heroic version of the incident, Dos Passos has depicted the bull as too enraged, Hemingway as in too heroic a pose, the three figures escaping the bull as over-exemplary, and Stewart as suffering not a minor but a mortal wound.
His central joke, in keeping with his chosen mock-heroic mode, seems to be his ability to spend verbal and intellectual energy in celebrating such a low and mundane subject.
Homer's heroic and mock-heroic elements are imbricated.
They comment on the works of the aforementioned along with Duck, Leapor, Goldsmith, Cowper and others, analyze forms and genres such as rhyming couplets and blank verse, the epic and the mock-heroic, the verse satire, the ode, the georgic and the verse epistle, and describe themes such as femininity, Whig and Tory poetics, the classics, the past, imagination, the sublime, the city, and the sense of place.
184) Kiberd then devotes three dense pages to this ideological adventure, with Synge and his mock-heroic masterpiece "neatly" deposited in Fanon's anticolonial bed.
15 In which author's mock-heroic poem does the Snark turn out to be a Boojum?
A few phrases later, however, she addresses her readers with a clever, mock-heroic salutation: "Come all ye Visigoths of Alaric / Huns of Attila, of the / Ostrogoths & Lombards, of hummingbird / & tigrillo.
From the brightly colored title cards and the quirky music to the picaresque flow of its narrative, Idaho is a delightful and funny film, and Van Sant's appropriation of Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Henry the IV adds a an almost mock-heroic sensibility to the enterprise.
Born in New Jersey, Smithson made a name for himself in New York circles while still in his 20s, with art that was at once scientific, deadpan, and bleak, such as his mock-heroic photo series, "The Monuments of Passaic.
Ulrich von Hutten, "one of the most satirical members of one of Germany's most satirical generations," [127] is indebted to Lucian's Charon in his satire Phalarismus and his Marcus heroicum is a mock-heroic satire with Venice personified as a megalomaniacal toad, an image he repeats in his satirical epigrams that include France portrayed as a cock (gallus).
But this is not innate to the subject itself; rather, his high-flown, mock-heroic treatment of the subject relegates it to this status.
Lieber, David Herd), chronicler of Beat withdrawal from and engagement with the world whose stories provide salvific shelter (Dewey), a postmodernist whose work anticipated avant-pop (Lance Olsen), Homer to Rubin and Hoffman's mock-heroic exploits (Kasia Boddy), and investigative reporter troubled by the distorted self-image he saw reflected in the Manson funhouse mirror (Thomas Myers).
As for the narrator-storyteller whose mock-heroic tone oscillates between ironic and sarcastic, he is sure as well to exude multiple parody.
Some may find Terfel prone to occasional over-interpretation--as in his mock-heroic "Die Forelle" which was slightly overdone, with a final bowed head in tribute to the deceased fish.