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Synonyms for mock

Synonyms for mock

to make fun or make fun of

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something

made to imitate something else

Synonyms for mock

the act of mocking or ridiculing

Related Words

imitate with mockery and derision

constituting a copy or imitation of something

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NAN reports that a total of 245,753 candidates registered for the mock examination which took place on Monday.
A spokesman for Bahawalpur police said that following the directives of higher authorities, the police in Bahawalpur launched mock exercises at educational institutions and premises of other government organizations to deal with situation of emergency.
To facilitate the interview preparation for those candidates, Chanakya IAS Academy has announced its most sought after Mock Interview to prepare candidates for this final hurdle under the guidance of panel experts.
Harmonic Maass Forms and Mock Modular Forms: Theory and Applications
Preparations are on in full swing across Haryana for the earthquake mock exercise to be held on December 21, 2017 across the State.
MULTAN -- Rescue 1122 conducted second mock exercise at River Chenab on Thursday to assess the preparations.
Because mock code exercises allow nurses to recall and use life-support skills, these experiences could reinforce knowledge and help nurses attain better performance and greater confidence during patient emergencies.
The Jerrie Mock Story: The First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World.
2,3) We have been running a mock CASC in the West of Scotland for the last few years and have received consistently good feedback from candidates.
Back in early October, I tore up a huge mock scrape under the overhanging branches of a willow below my ambush tree, and kept it regularly scented with doe-in-heat lure.
Even when an examination of demographic characteristics and experiences reveals a trend in juror responses to a broad set of circumstances, one of the best ways to anticipate a jury's potential response to the specific facts of your case is to take it for a test drive before a mock jury.
It might have been a mock election, but it gave pupils a taste of democracy and voting in an election.
Cotabato City - Responding to visitors' clamors, the officialdom of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) will reopen next month the mock cultural villages here of the region's scattered component provinces.
MOCK THE WEEK Thur BBC2 10pm NEW SERIES There are at least three men who won't be taking the World Cup too seriously.
The second edition of the mock parliament, modelled on the lines of the Indian parliamentary system, took place on February 6.