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a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia


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It's a blend of some whopper grapes - 70% grenache, 10% syrah, 10% mourvedre and 10% carignan - combined to produce a drink that has lovely aromas of cherry and blackcurrant with hints of mocha coffee (the 'chocolate' coffee bean) and chocolate.
To create a feature wall, a warm mocha coffee colour is chosen to compliment the stainless steel and the creamy New Jersey coloured gloss units.
Presented with the chance to make herself a mocha coffee drink, 17-year-old Taylor Redwine demurred.
Available at MaggieMoo's Treateries nationwide beginning May 23, the new Zoomers line-up is offered in four flavors: strawberry banana, creamy mango, mocha coffee and caramel coffee.
They asked Coopers Coffee of Huddersfield for their "situation-specific" coffee blends to work for you, including a Sicilian-style dark roast blend to boost the resolve of sales reps or for stroppy people, offer 100pc mocha coffee, with chocolatey undertones and velvety texture to encourage receptiveness and soothe frayed tempers.
Katzen, one of the seven original owners of the 30-year old Moosewood Restaurant in New York (she left after five years) and author of ``Vegetable Heaven'' and the best-selling ``Moosewood Cookbook,'' includes numerous brunch menu suggestions in her newest book, ranging from savory buttermilk corn cakes with chipotle cream and crunchy coated french toast to a cauliflower-cheese puff, a baked spinach-feta pudding, portobello pizzas and a bittersweet mocha coffee cake.
For the milk chocolate fanatic, suggest the winey, piquant flavor of a mocha coffee.
Espresso Warehouse 'Heavenly Mocha Sauce' is a luxury chocolate truffle sauce used to make mocha coffee.
Finally, for Chocolate Lovers Month, Dunkin' Donuts can keep you running with Mocha Coffee and Mocha Swirl Lattes.
0 0 0 [check][check] Coffee or Tea, Iced or hot (1) 10 0 0 [check][check] Coffee, Iced or hot, skim (1) 30 0 0 [check][check] Coffee, Iced or hot, whole (1) 40 1 0 Coffee, Iced or hot, cream with sugar (1) 190 5 6 1/2 Mocha Coffee, Iced or hot, cream (1) 260 6 8 1/2 Cappuccinos, Lattes, etc.
She swops her favourite mocha coffee with whipped cream for green tea.
I get everyone hooked on English tea,'' she said, cradling a cup of blended mocha coffee.
In addition, the company has been introducing three new multi-ingredient flavors in the weeks following the big birthday celebration: Grape Kool-Aid Explosion, made with grape Kool-Aid and crackling candy; Mocha Chip with Nescafe, a blend of mocha coffee beverage mix and chocolate chunks; and Baby Ruth, a mix of Nestle Baby Ruth candy pieces and caramel topping.
Brim-full of daunting mocha coffee and treacle propositions it needs a matching sticky dessert to do it justice.