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Synonyms for mocha

soft suede glove leather from goatskin

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a flavoring made from coffee mixed with chocolate

a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia


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a dark brown color

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Uncle Eabert's Betcha Can't Omelet Challenge Breakfast It starts off with a dozen eggs, that's right—12—then they add Pig Sausage, Bacon and Ham most of Mocha Milly's Garden Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Mushrooms.
Speaking on the benefits of merging resources, Yamnitsky said : "Acquiring the proprietary mocha Planar Tracker technology will allow us to bring Imagineer s Academy Award-winning planar tracking to Boris FX solutions and customers, while conversely, Imagineer products will benefit from Boris FX s advanced host integration know-how.
Peet's retail store customers will also find past years' favorites including Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, a combination of chocolate, espresso, creamy caramel and French grey sea salt; Peppermint Mocha made with rich espresso, Dutch Cocoa and peppermint; and Eggnog Latte, pure, rich creamy eggnog combined with Peet's bittersweet espresso.
The Hot Dunkaccino, Frozen Dunkaccino Fudgaccino and Mocha Crunch Donut are available at participating Dunkin' Donuts restaurants throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, Bulgaria and Russia, as well as participating Dunkin' Coffee locations in Spain.
Sabir said a team of explosive experts associated with Brigade 35 arrived in Mocha Port this week to examine the materials.
With Energy Peppermint Mocha, we've created a deliciously healthy option full of superfood nutrition that embraces the spirit of the season and offers a boost of organic energy.
Energy Mocha Java is an invigorating blend of non-GMO chocolate soy milk and organic fair trade coffee that delivers decadent flavor and powerful nutrition.
The Classic Corto allows the final flourish with the perfect heart design created by the Barista; with Mocha Corto, it's the foamy head finished with a coffee bean stencil; with Black Corto, it's just pure coffee, the statement said.
Mocha Girls won 2009 Best Dance Album Award from PMPC Star Awards for Music and their repertoire is a mix of current hits, new up-and-coming tracks and music from the 1970s.
The Mocha Girls, who have released three albums (A Taste of Mocha, 2006; Mocha, 2007; and Deliciosa, 2008), also performed covers of various hits, including Shakira's infectiously upbeat and catchy number Waka-Waka.
For Mocha is not for those on the wrong side of 40, or 30, or even 20 -- it's for the generation whose shorts keep getting shorter, whose life revolves around college admissions and SAT scores, whose romantic involvements are complicated, and whose conversations are embellished with the F- word used in all possible ways ( noun, adjective, adverb, gerund, participle C* God save Wren and Martin
Iced Dunkaccino is further available in two signature flavours such as Iced Mocha Dunkacchino & Iced Caramel Dunkaccino.
Tasters favored the mocha and caramel - and found the others to be a little thin and watery.
Elementary school student Adriel Mocha and his family challenged a grooming policy at Needville Independent School District that bans long hair for male students.
We were also planning on buying Mocha, a brown and white three-month-old purebred Nubian.