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soft leather shoe


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For Best Ladies' Footwear Collection, the award went to Calzaturificio Mercury di Mazzarella of Italy for their cutout leather collections that featured various patterns and styles, and made unique use of mocassin style stitching to give accent to the soles.
Studlyy' studded mocassin EUR98, Geo Raglan Knit Jumper EUR51, Tinsel Dress EUR85
Paralleling their extensive mukluk mocassin business, the brother/sister team developed their Storyboot collection to keep traditional knowledge of the ancestors alive.
She also meets the Mocassin Maker and has other adventures including some scraped knees in her search for the Stone Cutter and the new metate.
Standard wear is a dark blue suit, dark blue socks, black mocassin shoes, heavy white silk shirt and a black knitted silk tie.