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a political system in which a mob is the source of control

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While the Indian premier goes round the globe celebrating Indian democracy abroad, back home mobocracy is given sanction to have its field day harassing and murdering members of the minority communities and dalits.
New Delhi [India], June 28 ( ANI ): Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI (M)) leader Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday said that India, instead of democracy, is turning into a mobocracy.
In Genius and the Mobocracy he indicts the ancients for building as they did because their political orders and intellectual fundamentals were vicious: "No--there could be nothing in the culture of incestuous Greece and bloody Rome to inspire organic structure in building, statesmanship, or philosophy--or for a culture true to democracy in the realm of aesthetics, the realm of ethics, or religion.
Schooling, in part, was viewed as a new institution that could serve as a bulkhead against mobocracy and steer the ship of state back on course.
Commenting on the latter event, Campbell asserted, "Democracy was traded for mobocracy.
But it is time also for Imran and Qadri and their cheerleaders to take a pause and peruse over the ultimate consequences of the trend of mobocracy they are setting in.
Talking to the mediamen at Punjab Assembly on Tuesday, he said the brutal trashing of of the policemen outside Rawalpindi-Islamabad airport could not be called a revolution but it is the worst form of mobocracy.
Its current state of discord, lawlessness and entropy is tantamount to the country's evolving political system: mobocracy .
Ina striking analogy, he argues that 'unlike liberals in colonial Zambia who lost to militant nationalists, the anti-third term campaigners aided by student demonstrations and civil society kept mobocracy in check' (p.
Democracy is after all one vital piece of the Egyptian puzzle and the realistic possibility of the nation degenerating into an unfettered mobocracy without a bold constitution, independent judiciary, free media and rule of law has never captured the imagination of activists who have invested tremendous effort into the revolution.
The problem now is of mobocracy -it's a free for all.
Over time, upper- and middle-class Southerners saw this kind of action amounting to mobocracy.
Through the courts lawlessness and mobocracy would be avoided.
The bench said, "When mobocracy starts, it is very difficult to identify people.