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a restaurant outside

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This contract consists of a multi-beneficiary framework agreement for the provision of mobile canteen which consists of the production of the menus, The provision of the crew of a covered area with tables and chairs, And the provision of the service.
Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Feb 27 ( ANI ): The Karnataka Chief Minister on Tuesday launched a new mobile canteen named Saviruchi and also distributed retrofitted two-wheelers to the needy in Bengaluru.
He also expressed gratitude to ALVIERA for giving the DPC the livelihood opportunities such as the mobile canteen and pavers production.
The IRCTC is also likely to provide mobile canteens in colleges," DU vicechancellor Dinesh Singh said.
Most recently, he monitored the many branded food locations across the base as well as seven mobile canteens.
But the rapidity of the distribution shouldn't have been surprising, given that a large line of children immediately began forming as soon as the Salvation Army's large white emergency services mobile canteen wheeled into the paved lot near the pool area.
The WVS woman in charge of the Worcester mobile canteen said she had never expected to be cooking stew in the main street of Coventry.
As the crew packed up for lunch, the kids were first in the queue for the grub from the mobile canteen in the grounds of Pollok Park, before embarking on a mad game of chases.
After a few hours, a Red Cross mobile canteen pulled up.
Contract notice: Provision of mobile canteen of french television fiction activities.
I was in danger of being mistaken for a mobile canteen and was surprised none of the passengers heading to and from the trains had yet asked me for a cup of Quick Brew with milk and two sugars.
Mr Toal said he might have to hire a mobile canteen in the short-term and he was considering asking parents to provide packed lunches until the school kitchen reopens.