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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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This year we celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, and the moaners who forced King John to accept that he was not above the law.
I am most definitely not a serial moaner but I am a serial realist.
You can't be a moaner in a place like Afghanistan - complaining about wearing a helmet, meanwhile all these mortars are going off, there are explosions all around you, and you're just standing there shaking
Skipper Craig Bellamy may be as well known for his firebrand temperament as for his skills, but when he moved to Cardiff on loan from Manchester City, he joined a dressing room packed with moaners.
Neither do I agree with Doug Bragg's self-admission that he is a moaner.
Coping: The best initial strategy is often to take the moaner at his or her own self-worth.
I'm first in the office and last out at night but I don't want my employers to think I'm a moaner.
He said: "On Saturday the only real whinge came, somewhat unsurprisingly, from serial moaner Steve Bruce.
At the risk of sounding like a middle-aged moaner am I the only one who thinks customer service has gone out the window in this country?
RIO Ferdinand admits he is a bigger moaner than England and Manchester United team-mate Gary Neville.
Didn't think she was still here because wasn't Moaner going to quit Scotland if the Nats got in?
ROAST RAGE Stan felt the veg wasn't up to scratch; MOANER TV's Victor Meldrew
She'd come on her own and, after a few glasses of wine, she reminded me of the girl I married instead of the nagging, spendthrift moaner I divorced.
The Sunday Mirror today reveals how the jungle's biggest moaner dumped third hubby Patrick Lunt to wed Red Arrows pilot Eric Steenson.