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of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memory

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However, a tendency has developed to envision Bruno's mnemotechnics in a very different light, with the devaluation of the hermetic sphere encouraged by a variety of scholars.
The art of memory opens with the triumph of Simonides' mnemotechnic by allowing each of the dead their proper burial.
From classical mnemotechnics, on the other hand, he gets the "mechanical" instruments to put his memory wheel in motion.
Rhyme demonstrates the very opposite of depletion: there is no loss; on the contrary, there is only echo, repetition, mnemotechnics.
Yates' magisterial of The Art of Memory relates the Classical art of rhetoric to various devices of mnemotechnics and the social practice of menemonics ([1996] 2001:1-4).
Mnemotechnics and the moon are subtly linked, as Kande sieves individual recollections of her childhood and her later memories of New York (where she has been teaching francophone literature since 1994) as well as the collective memory of mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons, and heroes of mixed blood like Vincent Oge and the Chavannes, who were be headed in 1791 for claiming equal rights in San Domingo.
Further, she suggests that the "scholastic cultivation of mnemotechnics might have contributed significantly to the regulation and normalization of violence as a desirable means of production and, specifically, of dramatic production" (79-80).
In On the Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche also developed an analysis of the mnemotechnics of pain and suffering in Christianity.
In the modern period we tend to ignore the iconic thinking, the mnemotechnics and the value of irony in the Middle Ages.