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of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memory

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Having lost a list of his many skills that he had written down--again problematizing the mnemotechnic potency of writing--Simplicius learns that it was stolen by his curious host and is consequently coerced into leaving behind the key to at least one of his methods: an explication of how to avoid gunfire.
It is also useful to remember Sidney's friendship with Alexander Dicson, who first introduced Bruno's visual mnemotechnic system into England (Rossi 135-36).
For this experience is in our power, whenever we want: to bring something before the eyes, as do those who range things under mnemotechnic headings and picture them for themselves.
Burtea makes a very interesting observation, namely that works of this genre assume much knowledge on the part of the reader about the relevant prayers and rituals, which are only partially described, suggesting that the function of these manuscripts was primarily mnemotechnic.
This sort of mnemotechnic may explain why some people disliked the exhibition.
Yet the poetic process, which recalls the past and culls from it, is also as much a testament to the power of memory as it is witness to the enduring influence of the mnemotechnic arts.
Again, like the other cultural artifacts the author examines, these gardens were replete with "imprese, conceits and mnemotechnic theater" in their "iconographic and spatial deployment" (172), with the intention of producing admiratio, as well as beauty and sensory delight.
The art of memory opens with the triumph of Simonides' mnemotechnic by allowing each of the dead their proper burial.
Vostell's Ruins: De-collage and the Mnemotechnic Space of the Postwar City.
The "primitives" like poets and like Montaigne know that everything human is metaphorical and not metaphysical, and that the singularity, the uniqueness of all humans and all groups are a fiction protected by a mnemotechnic, and not by an identity essence.