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an expert in the use of mnemonics

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In a book translated under the title The Mind of a Mnemonist, the eminent 20th-century Russian psychologist, Aleksandr Luria, told the story of a certain Solomon Veniaminovich Sheresheveskii, whom Luria called simply "S" to shield his identity while he was still alive.
Luria thought of his own two books The Mind of a Mnemonist (1968) and The Man with a Shattered World (1972) as written "in a more purely romantic style," (178).
But the same system operates today in the work of performers like Dominic O'Brien, a British mnemonist who has won the world memory championship eight times and written books about his technique, among them How to Develop a Perfect Memory and Quantum Memory Power.
Hence, this situation tends to be more challenging for the learner--and for the mnemonist.
A person able to perceive all manner of acoustic-phonetic differences would be rather like Luria's (1968) mnemonist, or the fictitious Funes of Borges's (1964) story--individuals with a phenomenal ability to notice and remember every detail of their experiences but who, as a consequence, are unable to generalize and form abstractions.
For a twentieth century example, see The Mind of a Mnemonist 32.