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a method or system for improving the memory

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Mnemonics do not trivialize the underlying content or promote learning by memory "tricks" vs.
Of course, the "need" to create mnemonics about anything lies in the need to remember things.
Examples of association, clustering, imagery, location, mnemonic devices and visualization illustrate strategies that can be used to encode and recall information from the long-term memory.
One of the casualties of this change of direction is the mnemonic, the handy little phrase that instantly recalled which months had thirty days, when the Ides of March was, or the year in which Columbus discovered America.
In proposing that the Oulipian constraint is a mnemonic device, Consenstein does not really address the question of the readability of the constraint.
Nakane used the term yodai, which means "the essence of structure" (pronounced as "yotai" in modern Japanese), because the primary aim of these mnemonics is to summarize the organization and the process of problem solving.
Monks used mnemonic techniques - especially visual ones which the Greek Simonides had hit upon by accident.
ANIL: "Justly Filed Mnemonics Assuage Memory's Jaggedly Jiggled Annual Sequential Order, Normalising Disorder.
KEYWORDS: Fractions, Mnemonics, Mathematics, General Education Students
com)-- The Knowmedge medical mnemonics collection is the first and only web-based platform that allows students to discover, annotate, create and share mnemonics with friends.
3 Substitute word-length mnemonics for numbers: Need to memorize your son's new telephone number?
Using mnemonics is a lessons way to teach and make the classroom a unique learning environment.
I was surprised to see my TRAUMA mnemonic featured in the article "Mnemonics in a mnutshell: 32 aids to psychiatric diagnosis" (CURRENT PSYCHIATRY, October 2008, p.
Such memory aids are often called mnemonics after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne.