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Synonyms for mnemonic

a device (such as a rhyme or acronym) used to aid recall

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of or relating to or involved the practice of aiding the memory

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Mnemonic, a cybersecurity firm headquartered in Norway, tested four separate smartwatches and found what it deemed to be "significant security flaws" in three of them-including vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to hijack the device.
This scenario is not a straightforward retelling of my interaction with a single student; rather, this scenario is an exercise in seeing how an instructor could use a mathematical mnemonic to initiate deeper discussions about mathematical meaning.
I learned it while in the Sixth Grade in 1942," Edee Watt commented when she saw the presidents' mnemonic.
Exploring the Western Hemisphere Using Literature and Mnemonics
By extracting the mnemonic scores of the sample, the mnemonic score of these people was calculated.
How about ruling Oberon-Uranus-Titania OUT as a mnemonic.
Situating the court cases in psychoanalytic discourse, specifically racial melancholia, Tillet argues that the calls for mnemonic restitution have the potential to reconcile the past by insisting that the nation apologize for the trauma due to slavery.
Boers, Eyckmans & Stengers (2007) advocate that rather than just being a memory tool a mnemonic can also provide an insight into the meaning of a system.
In the three sessions, participants in the training groups were instructed in mnemonic strategies that included identifying a prominent feature of the room that was close to the object; learning a short explanation that related the object to that feature; and creating a mental picture to tie the object and the feature together.
One strategy to help remember a list of antidepressants with a relatively low potential for CYP450 drug interactions is to use the mnemonic Various Medicines Definitely Commingle Very Easily (VMDCVE) to recall venlafaxine, mirtazapine, desvenlafaxine, (2) citalopram, vilazodone, (3) and escitalopram.
We wish to propose the mnemonic "HAIR" as a reminder for an important evidence-based bundle of patient care aimed at reducing the incidence of central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI).
become the materials for mnemonic dramaturgy that shapes language, character and plot" (1-2).
Chapter two, "Mnemonic Readers: The Literary Canon and Mnemonic Survival," shifts focus from the perception of literary works to their perpetuation.