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third mast from the bow in a vessel having three or more masts

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The hardtop wheelhouse roof has a push-button extension that projects back as far as the mizzenmast to cover the entire seating area.
One of my favorite memories of Roger was when we were preparing to do Peter on Broadway and Roger wanted to take the cast on a field trip to an actual ship to get a sense of the scale of a real sailing vessel, and perhaps what it might be like to be aboard one in a storm: what the planks might feel like, what a mizzenmast really was.
The Macedonian lost her mizzenmast, fore & maintopmasts and mainyard & was much cut up in her hull The damage Sustained by this Ship was not such as to render her return into port necessary, and had I not deemed it important that we should See our prize [in?
I was stood to the waist waiting for a chance to report in and watching a young fellow about my own age who was doing something or other up aloft on a mizzenmast above me.
Several nine-pound shots whistled across the river and carried away the rigging, sails and mizzenmast of the Golden whaler, but the damaged vessel was still able to limp into port.
But if you enjoy a real spectacle on the big screen and an intellegent story to back it up, this is a gorgeous and gripping film - even if you don't know your yard arm from your mizzenmast.