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an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar

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The Gourmet and Cuisine Competition was a great success with participation from over 80 chefs and mixologists across Mumbai.
Award-winning mixologist Tim Ward at Alvino's in Newcastle
Prior to taking up his role at Per Aquum, he worked with at the Media One Hotel for over two years as head mixologist.
To the delight of food connoisseurs, these experts will take turns to demonstrate Master Classes showcasing some of their signature dishes, allowing guests of Coco Bodu Hithi to interact with the Chefs and Mixologist at the eclectic dining venues of Coco Bodu Hithi.
Meet Natasha Abou Moghli: Le Gray's Award-Winning Female Mixologist Meet Natasha Abou Moghli, the poised yet personable mistress manning the chic watering hole Bar ThreeSixty on the roof of the Le Gray Hotel in downtown Beirut.
Though he didn't bring a title home, Ballout told The Daily Star the competition was a life-changing event and has opened new doors for the young mixologist.
It is taking place tomorrow at the Gulf Hotel and will feature cocktails created by Chivas international brand ambassador and expert mixologist Max Warner.
The best-selling cocktail is a cosmopolitan mojito all freshly made by our trained mixologist bar tenders.
Summary: Rohan Jelkie, master mixologist and founder of beverage consultancy
Mixologist IF YOU choose to visit a swanky cocktail bar this Christmas, ask the chap throwing the bottles around to state his job title.
Master mixologist Eben Klemm presents The Cocktail Primer, a step-by-step guide to creating not only classic cocktail favorites, but also modern variations--and understanding the basic principles of mixology to help one design a drink to fit any occasion.
I had to call NYC mixologist Nicolas O'Connor to unpuzzle the Arizona Spring Thyme recipe he invented, because the instructions called for "igniting zest," "edible flowers" and "thyme syrup," which sound like R.
It has been created by award winning mixologist Alex Hannah, based at the Alma de Cuba restaurant in Liverpool.
STRAIGHT UP: Tom Cruise (top), as bartender Brian Flanagan, sets the standard in the 1988 movie Cocktail Right: A mixologist preparing for the Bartender of the Year contest Left: Drinks are served
The event offered an ideal opportunity for house hunters to take a tour around the two-bedroom show apartment and get a feel for the mix of apartments available, while enjoying a selection of cocktails including "The Octahedron" and "Honey I'm Home", courtesy of the mixologist team at Shaker UK Ltd.