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a combination of two or more metaphors that together produce a ridiculous effect

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It is a mixed metaphor and a recipe for trouble to make a guaranteed product perform as an investment.
The clever way Myers turns a phrase often gets lost in a mixed metaphor or cliche.
The result is rather a mixed metaphor but one that nonetheless explores the notion of Aboriginal identity, particularly the imposition of a belief system on a culture.
In every corner the details have been heavily governed, so much so, that to use a mixed metaphor, a critical eye can almost hear the details groan as the interrogation continues; If Lewerentz never cut a brick, how can that raking detail between the wall and the concrete roof be rightly resolved?
Understood as mixed metaphor or as the misapplication of terminology, catachresis is simply wrong.
It'll all be different tonight though when the fangs will be on the other foot, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphor,as singer James Marsters faces a teeming, screaming crowd of fans desperate to touch the guy whose alter ego is Spike in the American cult sci-fi Buffy the VampireSlayer.
In the translations, Silk repeats an unfortunate rendering for Recension A: the mixed metaphor "profound illumination" (zab mo snang ba, Skt.
His tone was morose, but his eyes betrayed pleasure with his mildly mixed metaphor, kept polished for just such an occasion.
Many excellent thinkers have lacked perfect pitch, however, and it's the copy editor who should be embarrassed by a mixed metaphor in print ("the pedestal was merely a gilded cage").
The mixed metaphor has long been vilified by language lovers.
A buoy afloat the enthralling graphic cataract of materials flooding the gallery, the little appropriated page provides as helpful a key as any to surfing the tidal wave of work (The mixed metaphor and destabilized progression of that sentence is a shabby attempt to imitate the quick visual/verbal and intellectual shifts, the AC/DC current of the installation.
We would not talk about a trapdoor to the Information Superhighway -- the metaphor would be a mixed metaphor, not structurally consistent.
He never commits a "mixed gesticulation," which, like its cousin the mixed metaphor (falling through the roof), is when an unpracticed speaker moves her hands up, for example, when saying "Falling through the floor.
Disagreement between the author's expectations of the editorial process and the editor, editorial board member, or referee's expectations of the author are at the heart of the mixed metaphor of the interaction between qualitative research and the research tradition.