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a combination of two or more metaphors that together produce a ridiculous effect

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A buoy afloat the enthralling graphic cataract of materials flooding the gallery, the little appropriated page provides as helpful a key as any to surfing the tidal wave of work (The mixed metaphor and destabilized progression of that sentence is a shabby attempt to imitate the quick visual/verbal and intellectual shifts, the AC/DC current of the installation.
He never commits a "mixed gesticulation," which, like its cousin the mixed metaphor (falling through the roof), is when an unpracticed speaker moves her hands up, for example, when saying "Falling through the floor.
Disagreement between the author's expectations of the editorial process and the editor, editorial board member, or referee's expectations of the author are at the heart of the mixed metaphor of the interaction between qualitative research and the research tradition.
A mixed metaphor is the linking of two or more disparate elements, which often results in an unintentionally comic effect produced by the writer's insensitivity to the literal meaning of the words or by the falseness of the comparison.
A local newspaper selected a politician's comment as a pullquote and created the best surf 'n turf mixed metaphor of the season.
The author's image of a ruler determined to resist the modem world (or, as he has it in a splendid mixed metaphor on p.
This is a zombie government that is fast running out of steam"-Shadow leader of the Commons Angela Eagle with an impressive mixed metaphor.
fo mwc Employing a marvellous mixed metaphor Mr Halfon, who has long suspected oil companies of conspiring to set pump prices, accused the OFT of carrying out a "limp-wristed lettuce leaf" of an inquiry.
It's either a mixed metaphor or trains passing by above the well have some crazy, down-pointing lights.
To finish on a classic mixed metaphor that a football commentator would be proud of - when the tide goes out, it's no time to stick your head in the sand.
You are not a flower on the wall, waiting to be picked and, pardon my mixed metaphor, but you deserve better than being treated like a yo-yo.
Here, the Attorney General is ( to borrow the best mixed metaphor I ever heard on the BBC last week ( 'gazing over the precipice of a runaway train'.
Murphy explained ( in mixed metaphor ( how McCoy and his horse helped to bring the best out of each other.
Occasionally the silhouette of an idea can be made out in the fog, but then another non-sequitur or mixed metaphor, another empty rhetorical question or meaningless chiasmus drifts across the page and restores the perfect obscurity.