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Synonyms for mixed

Synonyms for mixed

Synonyms for mixed

consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds

involving or composed of different races


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Engle said the high price of mixed paper relative to OCC creates new recovery opportunities for the grade.
The longer the isocyanate is exposed to moisture prior to use, either in mixed sand of during storage, the greater the chance for the isocyanate to react with water.
Steve Whitner, director of marketing at ADIC, believes that the primary use of mixed media is in transitional events.
Once the materials to be mixed are within the mixing chamber, it is the action of the rotors inside the mixing chamber that creates movement of the mix, initiating and completing the mixing process.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that temperature and moisture can play a significant role in the quality of the mixed core sand, the blowing of the cores and the storage of the finished cores prior to use.
The above is but an overview of some, certainly not all, of the areas associated with the compounding of elastomeric compounds which can in some way have an influence on the overall quality and repeatability of compounds mixed in an intensive mixer.
Pastes are likewise a powder-plasticizer mixture, but they are mixed more thoroughly in a Z-kneader with powerful shear force effect;
For all compounds which have been mixed with HESC rotors, the standard deviation is much lower than in the case of the standard full-four-wing rotors.
AvantQuest and DOLPHIN Sign an Exclusive Reseller Agreement for SMASH Analog and Mixed Signal Simulator: Target Sales $1.
BOSTON -- Audax Group today announced it has completed the $210 million acquisition of Southern Equipment Company d/b/a Ready Mixed Concrete Company ("Ready Mixed"), the leading provider of ready-mixed concrete in North Carolina, South Carolina, and southern Virginia, from private shareholders.
Applying the best suited philosophy, compounds were continuously mixed and integrated into a subsequent hose and test tire production, respectively.
FM mixer gas tge ability to frictionally elevate the temperature of material being mixed and to disperse agglomerated fine powders including most pigments.
The development of this function resulted from requests to regulate the mixer rotors to ensure that all material, in all parts of the mixer chamber, is mixed together to a homogeneous compound.
13um copper, embedded DRAM, and mixed signal/RFCMOS.
A further RMA study quantified the following compound performance differences when they were mixed in formulations.