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Their open discussion by all interested parties in the framework of large-scale industry events such as MITT contributes to the consolidation of the professional community and the development of effective solutions aimed at achieving common goals, which is especially important on the eve of the World Cup in our country, "says Oleg Rosturizma Safonov.
The reel Mitt could have told the real Mitt, as Romney said in the documentary, that the nominee who loses the general election is "a loser for life.
A collection of oven mitts (donated or picked up cheaply at garage sales), fabric, felt, buttons, "jewels" and other odds and ends were provided for use in creating the puppets, along with a tacky glue appropriate for fabric.
Mitt, est-ce que vous voulez bien venir a l'hopital et ecrire mon testament pour moi?
But it couldn't have been Mitt Romney, because the real Mitt Romney has been running around the country for the last year promising (USD) 5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy.
Millionaires, ages 35-44, favor President Obama 48 percent to 41 percent for Mitt Romney.
Mike Huckabee, in an interview before his speech, compared Mitt to a nasty doctor.
He said: "There's a great deal that Mitt Romney can offer in terms of economic management.
After picking up early wins in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, Mitt Romney's finances have come under increased scrutiny.
Mitt Romney's life traces the economic path of America, from global colossus to deadbeat in hock $15 trillion.
At MITT 2012, the Palau Tourism Board will exhibit for the first time.
Mitt Romney, front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has family connections in the UK's second city.
A new ad from Make Us Great Again, the Super PAC supporting Rick Perry's White House run, is pummeling his chief rivals, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.
ANKARA, Mar 23, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's stand was chosen as the "Best Stand" at the world's seventh biggest tourism fair, 2011 MITT Moscow Fair.
For example, with two-handed catching, using the pillow-style mitt, the catcher's hands followed the ball into his body.