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The reel Mitt could have told the real Mitt, as Romney said in the documentary, that the nominee who loses the general election is "a loser for life.
The contaminated mitt is then used to perform subsequent operations in the kitchen, causing cross-contamination.
It took a combination of the right leadership and the strategy based on transparency to restore the Olympics to its former glory and Mitt did that.
A Republican fundraising operative even told BuzzFeed that donors are so worried about 2016 now, many tell him, "I think we need Mitt back.
Simon, who dresses as a duck in his mascot role with Preston North End FC, added: "I hope Mitt does pay a visit.
But for Mitt Romney, desperate times call for desperate measures.
La convention a un triple objectif : marteler que Barack Obama a echoue ("Nous pouvons faire mieux", est l'un des slogans), convaincre que Mitt Romney est l'homme qui saura redresser l'economie, le souci numero un des Americains, et reussir a rendre aimable au sens plein du terme un candidat qui, en depit de ses atouts, peine a etablir un lien avec les electeurs, ceux-ci pensant toujours que Barack Obama est plus en phase avec leurs soucis.
This is a choice between Mitt Romney and the most radical, leftist president in American history.
The MITT exhibition is particularly important for us as European guests are the mainstay of our clientele, with Russian guests forming a prominent proportion of that European group.
Mitt Romney is still favourite to come out on top in Iowa, but libertarian Ron Paul is also performing strongly.
Knead the shortening until it's evenly distributed inside the mitt.
This transformation was even more transparent than usual during Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's recent trip to South Carolina and Missouri.
Keep your favorite chef's fingers as soft and tender as his pot roast with the Orka Oven Mitt from iSi.
Berra, from his crouched position, put the mitt and ball down in front of the plate.
Actually, that person would be demonstrating the Orca silicon oven mitt from iSi North America, Fairfield, N.