mitre box

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hand tool for guiding handsaws in making crosscuts or miter joints


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The mitre box allows the piece of wood to be held firmly and will guide the saw so that it cuts at the correct angle.
The 1-20 112 Mitre Box (pounds 13) is made of injection-moulded plastic for durability, so you're less likely to damage it with your saw.
On the opposite side of the mitre box there are the two mitre slots required for the external mitres.
Use the mitre box and tenon saw to cut a 45-degree mitre on one end of the first length of moulding, then position the mitred end at a wall corner along the line you've drawn, and glue it in place.
Things you will need * Coving * pencil/chalk * painting trowel * scraper * tape measure * coving adhesive * mitre box for cutting angles * fine tooth saw * hammer and nails * dust sheet Remove any wallpaper or backing paper from the area and brush away any loose dust.
Cutting the mitres and lengths of the cornice is carried out using a standard fine-toothed handsaw and a normal mitre box.