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cell division in which the nucleus divides into nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes

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The cytoskeleton (microtubules and microfilaments) is critical to most cell functions, but particularly cell signalling, receptor function, and mitosis.
She used the increasingly popular Kickstarter campaign technique to raise enough money to release Mitosis for free on YouTube.
The device has been shown in in vitro and in vivo studies to slow and reverse tumor growth by inhibiting mitosis, the process by which cells divide and replicate.
The comprehension of the chromosome movement involved in mitosis and meiosis is essential to understanding transmission genetics, but this is often challenging for students in the classroom, especially for students who lack a strong scientific background.
In mammalian cells, phosphorylation of the Serine 10 residue of histone H3 is negligible during interphase but reaches a maximum for chromatin condensation during mitosis.
6,8) The presence of more than an occasional mitosis is, however, suggestive of melanoma.
At these concentrations there was no selective inhibition of mitosis or any other cell cycle stage, nor was there any apparent effect on the microtubule or actin cytoskeletons.
Detection of the expression level of Cdc25B in cells is promising to represent a molecular index judging the mitosis index and reproductive activity of tumour cell (Zai et al.
McAinsh (Marie Curie Research Institute, Surrey, UK) introduces mitosis as a phenomenally complicated process of the splitting of genetic material into two daughter cells that prevents genomic instability.
Effects of ethyl mercuric chloride on mitosis of Secale cereale, Triticum vulgare, T.
And to illuminate cell division, or mitosis, he describes tying a string around a balloon and pulling to constrict it into two.
Microscopically, this tumor features pleomorphic oncocytes with increased mitosis, focal necrosis, perivascular and perineural invasion, and an infiltrative growth pattern.
Its role in mitosis of the embryo organizing the first mitotic spindle initiating the process of human development (egg activation) is now well established (6,7).
Dr Spencer has developed different dances to explain and demonstrate biological processes to his students, such as the Mitosis Mamba, the Meiosis Square Dance, the Aerobics Respiration and the DNA Boogie.
During mitosis, the NE remains disintegrated to enable the association of condensed chromosomes with mitotic spindles.