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moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear

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Our objective was to quantify how the expansion of CA-71 and implementation of mitigative measures affected movement of large mammals across the roadway.
Hayes, Mitigative Counterstriking: Self-Defense and Deterrence in Cyberspace, 25 HARV.
The subsequent predeployment training by US Army Public Health Command (USAPHC) personnel was able to rapidly build off this basic training so that non-preventive medicine personnel were able to competently perform OEHSAs for all 3 sites, identify significant health threats, and develop mitigative measures which were instrumental in reducing incidence of disease and nonbattle injuries, and protecting the servicemembers' health.
On a global scale, misinformation about climate change is currently delaying mitigative action," he added.
is mitigative in nature, it provides a stable environment is which the resolution of conflict may be achieved.
Some of the conditions that must be met include a traffic study, a plan for mitigative measures such as fencing and sound proofing, and a study to show that nearby industrial operations will have no adverse impact on a hotel development
The plans consider "Category 5" hurricanes and storm surge resistant levees, the mitigative role of coastal landscapes, livable communities, cultural resources, and risk.
Such a broad range of mitigative effects may well be attributed to the large overarching contributions of neurotrophic factors to the development of the CNS.
Barbaro thus was a case involving, and decided on, improper admission and use of conflicting codefendants' confessions causing prejudice that overwhelmed any mitigative efforts.
Looking beyond Canada, we see that few nations have succeeded in implementing effective climate policies, despite global opinion polls that show strong public awareness of the issue and support for mitigative action (BBC 2007).
Paper stressed on the need for the implementation of a well integrated, planned and environmentally benign approach for the mining and industrial activities in the region for economically beneficial and sustainable development through continuous monitoring and taking effective mitigative measures in a timely manner.
Knowledge on disaster management strategies, together with good practices and lessons learned, can undoubtedly support this effort through well-informed mitigative measures and preparedness planning.
This exotic species is listed by United State Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) as "quarantine significant", meaning it could require mitigative action if it is determined to have a high risk of reproducing and subsequently spreading (Joseph F.
A debate over the crisis caused by 12 million illegals in the United States which does not consider mitigative changes the Mexican government could make suggests that he could be right.