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Synonyms for mitigation

Synonyms for mitigation

freedom, especially from pain

Synonyms for mitigation

to act in such a way as to cause an offense to seem less serious

a partial excuse to mitigate censure

the action of lessening in severity or intensity

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Rectification and mitigation of damages coverage will also become more prevalent, with several carriers expected to build "bench" strength in their claims departments as these coverages differ from typical liability claims and can present unusual circumstances.
You'll find the insurance industry invests a lot of money in loss prevention and mitigation of damages.
Mr Liptak said: "We were surprised and concerned we were not allowed by the court to rely on those statements in our own defence or even in mitigation of damages.
In addition, if a company was not compliant and a breach occurred, the company's liability could spread to mitigation of damages incurred by customers whose data were stolen.
Collect historical and prospective company data, other potential experts' testimony, industry, market and regulatory information and data regarding causation and potential or actual mitigation of damages.