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The detection rating at this layer is used to assess the software effectiveness in mitigating the component failure.
Ryan, (3) the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit considered whether the state court applied an unconstitutional causal nexus test to mitigating evidence, and whether Poyson's Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment tights were violated when the court did not consider the mitigating evidence of a history of substance abuse.
The proper application of functional evaluations is critical to mitigating adverse impacts of transportation projects on wetlands.
The Supreme Court determined that the defendant's low IQ was a potential mitigating factor and the two special issues were insufficient to permit the jury to give effect to the evidence pertaining to his IQ.
These results showed that a combined fungal and enzyme treatment could provide a means of mitigating the problems associated with the build-up of detrimental organics during mill water system closure.
Senior Assistant City Attorney Bret Lobner said the negative declaration was a ``management decision'' based on value judgments that United had met the necessary criteria for mitigating any impacts from the project.
According to a recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, courts must consider appeals of decisions made under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) without regard to the mitigating circumstances that individuals use to control a medical condition.
McLaren Software extends the value of Primavera by helping organizations optimize their design, change management processes, and documents, while mitigating risk throughout the project life-cycle," said Michael Zambon, Primavera Alliance Manager.
As single-point responsibility for system availability shifts to the product support integrator under the program manager, PBL provides a powerful tool for mitigating obsolescence and making continuous modernization a reality for legacy weapon systems.
Tropitone has taken a proactive approach to improve its application performance to meet its service level agreements, reduce the cost of retaining its data and mitigating the risks to customer satisfaction by ensuring its applications and databases are always available to its business users.
DALLAS -- The nation's 162,181 professionally active private dental practitioners (American Dental Association, 2004) have a new ally in mitigating the spread of infection, one that also allows professionals to easily move from one operatory to another and throughout the office: Unotron's new washable, 2.
com/reports/c46899) has announced the addition of Mitigating New Account Fraud: Reduce Risk and Expand Customer Base with Evolving Authentication Solutions to their offering.
The Black Duck Compliance Vanguard Alliance, initiated by Black Duck, the leading global provider of software compliance management solutions, intends to help enterprises harness the full value of today's software development paradigms while mitigating the risks associated with those models.
Through a series of programs, webinars and events, the Black Duck Compliance Vanguard Alliance will educate companies on harnessing the full value of today's software development paradigms while mitigating the risks associated with those models.