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made less severe or intense


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Method 3 FMEA Entry (partial) for Example Case from Tables 1 and 2 Failure Mode Effects S Fault Detection Unintentional Vehicle inoperable 8 Electrical monitoring of Fraction Control wheel speed sensor event Failure Mode Error Response R Effects after Error Mitigated E Response Severity D Unintentional Traction Control 2 Vehicle performance 6 Fraction Control disabled reduced with warning event
The government can and will simply introduce further outrageous laws and regulations, one after another, each of which will only be minimally mitigated by partial opposition.
By a 4-1 vote late Tuesday, with board member Ron Cunningham dissenting, the district board approved a so-called mitigated negative declaration for the project.
If a mitigating circumstance becomes a permanent correction, such as in the case of an artificial joint or transplanted organ, the individual must be evaluated in his mitigated state.
We are very pleased that our safety measures were followed thoroughly and professionally by our people who mitigated the damage and ensured the safety of our employees," said Bear Mountain Forest Products Company Spokesperson Stan Elliot.
While the natural gas exposure is a concern, the risk appears to be mitigated by PRPA's proximity to a Cheyenne natural gas hub, with ample supply and pipeline capacity, and the gas units' expected modest use.
The City Council considered a mitigated negative declaration in connection with a conditional use permit for the project last June.
Debt service claimed an above-average 12% of spending in fiscal 2005, but this figure is somewhat mitigated by the rapid principal amortization of 71.
The 3,050-home project would kill some of the rare San Fernando Valley Spineflower and could also harm the endangered California red-legged frog, but the effects could be mitigated, Ventura County planning consultants said.
Although the insured portfolio is generally well diversified, there is some concentration to the collateralized debt obligation (CDO) and pooled credit default swaps (CDS); however, this concern is mitigated by the high percentage of transactions with attachment points at or above 'AAA' in these sectors.
Instead, a less stringent mitigated negative declaration was drawn up in which United agreed to make roadway and other improvements to ease any impacts.
How can the district suggest that the impacts have been mitigated when this report suggests something different.