miter box

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hand tool for guiding handsaws in making crosscuts or miter joints


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With miter box, cut molding to fit top and bottom edges of wood block.
I use a special saw blade in the miter box, which I made up from a super sharp length of commercial hacksaw blade with the set of the teeth ground flush with the surface of the blade.
Cut moldings to fit inside frames or on outside edges of doors with a miter box.
While a power miter box is ideal for cutting the parts to length, you could easily use a circular saw or even a jigsaw for all the cuts.
They would be using many different types of tools such as saws, miter box, pliers, and wire cutters, often for the first time.
Using miter box for angles, cut lattice trim pieces to fit.
Although this cutting can be done with a hand saw and a miter box, you might want to have this done at a lumber yard if you don't have access to a table or chop saw.
Tenders are invited for Basic Hand Tools For Carpenter 01 Back Saw Qty-1 Nos 2 Hand Saw Qty-1 Nos 3 Metal Smoothing Plane Qty-1 Nos 4 Rasps Qty- 3 Nos 5 Try Square Qty-1 Nos 6 Miter Box Qty-1 Nos 7 Level Qty-1 Nos 8 Chisels Qty-2 Nos 9 Clow Hammer Qty-1 Nos 10 Brace And Bits Qty -1 Nos 11 Pliers Qty- 1 Nos 12 Punches Qty - 2 Nos 13 Gimlet Qty- 1 Nos 14 Screw Driver Qty -1 Nos 15 Awl Qty-1Nos 16 Steel Tape Measure 5 Mtr Qty-1 Nos 17 Tool Box With Lock By G.
A power miter saw will do this fast, although you can also use a miter box to guide a hacksaw blade ($7 at home centers and hardware stores).
We modified McGlothlin's design so you can build it using basic tools: a handsaw and miter box, electric drill, hammer, screwdriver, and wrench.
The keys to success are two moderately priced tools--a power miter box and an air-powered nailer.
Tools needed: a hacksaw, an electric drill With 7/16- and 1/8-inch bits, a socket wrench, a rubber mallet, a miter box, and a level.
Even the miter joints can be cut with a simple handsaw miter box.
You may wish to make a simple jig or miter box that positions the wood at a 60' angle to the cutting blade.