miter box

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hand tool for guiding handsaws in making crosscuts or miter joints


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With miter box, cut molding to fit top and bottom edges of wood block.
Student feedback: "Students really dove into all aspects, using a miter box and saw and glue gun in assembling the real birch bark scrolls.
What happened: After a HandySolutions contractor finished putting new molding on a living room ceiling, his miter box slipped, knocking over the customer's brand-new crystal vase.
Using a miter box and coping saw, we cut the appropriate-size dowel rods to hold the birdhouse together.
You'll need a circular saw or handsaw with a miter box, saber saw, protractor, drill, hammer, and combination square.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Chances are good that the next generation of Home Depot customers will know a miter box from a cardboard box thanks to a free educational program that kicks off Saturday, October 4th at Home Depot stores across the U.
Tenders are invited for Basic Hand Tools For Carpenter 01 Back Saw Qty-1 Nos 2 Hand Saw Qty-1 Nos 3 Metal Smoothing Plane Qty-1 Nos 4 Rasps Qty- 3 Nos 5 Try Square Qty-1 Nos 6 Miter Box Qty-1 Nos 7 Level Qty-1 Nos 8 Chisels Qty-2 Nos 9 Clow Hammer Qty-1 Nos 10 Brace And Bits Qty -1 Nos 11 Pliers Qty- 1 Nos 12 Punches Qty - 2 Nos 13 Gimlet Qty- 1 Nos 14 Screw Driver Qty -1 Nos 15 Awl Qty-1Nos 16 Steel Tape Measure 5 Mtr Qty-1 Nos 17 Tool Box With Lock By G.