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physically harmful treatment

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Although O-T-C products have been available and used safely for decades, instances of misusage have fueled controversy and prompted some critics, including some medical professionals, to question their efficacy and recommend against their use.
And when, as with the injunction against ending sentences with prepositions, fears of misusage impede expression, Hitchings goads us "to do whatever seems most natural, least fidgety.
By analyzing the author's narrative of a history of physical abuse, self-mutilation, and pornography in a family in postwar Austria, Schmitz-Burgard shows how fascism is transferred into the private family sphere and how the body remains a target for cruelty, misusage, and objectification of the oppressed.
So, alternative measures and plans will be proposed to solve land misusage problems.
These propositions included restricting where alcohol was sold, making it more difficult to obtain permission to sell alcohol, restricting the consumption of alcoholic drinks to the hotels catering to foreign tourists, impeding all direct and indirect advertisement of alcohol, and bolstering the penalties related to its misusage.
This was probably caused by the insufficient cooperation of the enterprises with the Academia, fear of the internal data misusage or by the concentration of the company's management on more important issues, particularly elimination of the crisis' negative consequences.
It is crucial to mention that all electrotherapeutic interventions should be performed by a trained physiotherapist to avoid life threatening misusage and side effects of these modalities.
merriment arising linguistically after posting regrettable oops pun-involved silly misusage
Dr Amiri said the committee gave a final warning to a dermatologist for the misusage of laser.
While addressing a press conference here at National Press Club, he called upon the Honourable Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice of gross misusage of the flaws of Qanun-e-Shahadat against the innocent and law-abiding citizens of Pakistan.
Yesterday, Turkey witnessed an extreme example of misusage of products of communication technology.
Based on some ten hours of interview speech data, the study examines the subject's acquisition sequence of the English articles and acquisition stages for each article, syntactic locations associated with correct article use and misusage, types of article errors, semantic functions of articles used by the learner, relationships between articles and various types of determiners, influences of the first language on the subject articles acquisition, and possible strategies of Chinese ESL learners.
There cannot be a misusage any more than there can be a miscustom or a misvogue" (115-16).
The main problem is in misusage or bad setup of security elements like antivirus systems, firewalls, etc.
Misusage of words occurs: "gauntlet," when "gamut" is meant; "continually," where "continuously" is correct; and the ever-popular mistaking of "enormity" for "enormous.