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The NSPCC-run service suggested that counsellors are often reporting youngsters telling them that they feel invisible, misunderstood and like those close to them struggle to understand how they feel.
Turx later clarified on Twitter that Trump had misunderstood his question.
In that Olly Murs misunderstood everything he had to read off the autocue.
The move to host this edition of the expo at this Kenyan coast was to show tourists across the world that in spite of having been misunderstood when the country took the brunt of insecurity following the Westgate massacre in Nairobi that resulted in travel bans, Kenya is safe - and has always been safe - despite the other issues it faces.
A GIANT green letter C will hit the streets of Dublin this week to raise awareness of an often misunderstood disease.
The tour guide showing me the rare books collection of the CCRUM library was in fact a student, and either I misunderstood his explanation of the display case in question or he was himself mistaken in thinking this particular text to be a Galenic medical work.
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said on Wednesday that Japan misunderstood the comments he made earlier this week about Japan's need to have a "correct view of history.
Nabi Eshnazarov believes public activists misunderstood the situation around the auction.
He was misunderstood at Corinthians, where he refused to play for them.
THE former BBC Radio 4 controller who caused a storm when he axed the station's opening music has admitted his decision was fuelled by misunderstood audience figures.
Les, I guess you misunderstood what the writers of these letters are trying to say.
Shear demonstrates that these "originalists" have misunderstood history and overlooked the true origins of American democracy.
But it is also, to Dr Raw, a misunderstood event, one that has been 'undervalued'.
Byline: X Factor contestants John and Edward Grimes say they are misunderstood.
Washington, September 25 (ANI): A new study has identified a new species of gecko, which was long misunderstood as another kind of gecko.