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with distrust

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The Algerian government followed the debate mistrustfully, wishing to avoid other African states gaining permanent seats and Algeria being left behind.
812) The trial court overruled all Bean's attorney's objections and denied his motion for a mistrial "based on the 'highly prejudicial, antagonistic, and illegal' opening remarks by Byron's counsel[,]" commenting mistrustfully, "'Now, I don't know if you and [Byron's counsel] decided you would have [him] do it or not.
Mistrustfully, one of the two watchmen approached and asked us roughly what our business was.
A few years earlier, in 1586, Angel Day writes mistrustfully of"new coyned tearmes" and "odd coyned tearmes," and the preface to the 1582 Catholic attempt at an English Bible acknowledges "new words coyned in court" to defend its own neologizing; see Jones, 105-11.
The sergeant snatched it back, examined its cover, opened it mistrustfully, read a line of two of The Revolt of Islam, with a deep suspicion, and replaced it on the shelf with a faint sigh.