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Synonyms for mistress

Synonyms for mistress

a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)

a woman master who directs the work of others

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Shelby, who, with a little womanly complacency in match-making, felt pleased to unite her handsome favorite with one of her own class who seemed in every way suited to her; and so they were married in her mistress' great parlor, and her mistress herself adorned the bride's beautiful hair with orange-blossoms, and threw over it the bridal veil, which certainly could scarce have rested on a fairer head; and there was no lack of white gloves, and cake and wine,--of admiring guests to praise the bride's beauty, and her mistress' indulgence and liberality.
I have fre- quently felt her head, and found it nearly covered with festering sores, caused by the lash of her cruel mistress.
She held her handkerchief over her face, and shrank from her mistress as she seated herself again in the chair.
Mistress Dale, also, can go with her husband and be company for the Queen's page.
Because, monsieur," replied Kitty, "my mistress loves you not at all.
Remarkable felt a wonderful inclination to tell the young mistress of the mansion that by opening a door she might see for herself; but prudence got the better of resentment, and after pausing some little time, as a salve to her dignity, she did as desired.
Now, mistress," says the lawyer, tapping the key hastily upon the chimney-piece.
Remember, we want to know, my mistress and I, everything that he does.
Then leave my mistress to me--and go and make yourself comfortable in your own room.
There had been no signs of it until I had unhappily stirred his memory of the dead mistress of Gleninch.
Baudoyer, Isidore The Middle Classes Cousin Pons Bianchon, Horace Father Goriot The Atheist's Mass Cesar Birotteau The Commission in Lunacy Lost Illusions A Distinguished Provincial at Paris A Bachelor's Establishment The Secrets of a Princess Pierrette A Study of Woman Scenes from a Courtesan's Life Honorine The Seamy Side of History The Magic Skin A Second Home A Prince of Bohemia Letters of Two Brides The Muse of the Department The Imaginary Mistress The Middle Classes Cousin Betty The Country Parson In addition, M.
I'm right down pleased to meet you, Mistress Blythe; and I hope you'll be as happy as the first bride was who came here.
Nay, she had been treated with uncommon kindness, and her mistress had permitted Mr Partridge to give her those instructions which have been before commemorated.
It was all one to me where I went, so long as my mistress and I were together.
Our master and mistress came after we got in; and as soon as they did come we were told, downstairs, that company was expected from the country.