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Synonyms for mistreatment

Synonyms for mistreatment

physically harmful treatment

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Respondents reported delaying or avoiding care because they "felt uncomfortable with the extremely gendered experience of [gynecologic] care," "fear of mistreatment," and "my dysphoria prevented me.
Kids may also have behavioural responses to teachers or caregivers that are shaped by past mistreatment.
In the medical literature, debates about mistreatment are often predominantly framed in relation to quality-of-care issues and the failure of evidence-based obstetric practice.
He [Shoukry] cleared up the situation with the Sudanese ambassador and requested him to report any mistreatment incidents or complaints so that they would be investigated," Abu Zaid said.
Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment, is divided into nine concise, easy-to-read chapters.
The penalties against senior soldiers that are stipulated in articles 110, 111 and 117 of the Military Criminal Law should be increased and the legal impediments against soldiers reporting on mistreatment should be removed, the declaration of the symposium said.
This mistreatment allegedly resulted in the death of Bahraini Hassan Al Shaikh, who was found dead in his cell on November 6.
This is the first study to directly observe and interview residents to determine the prevalence and predictors of elder mistreatment among residents in nursing homes," says Karl Pillemer, professor of gerontology in medicine at Weill Cornell and the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.
First reported are demographic correlations with being the target of peer mistreatment and resulting trauma.
He said that Human Rights Watch "received reports from several knowledgeable sources of beatings and other mistreatment of suspected MNLF rebels in detention.
The move comes after calls for enhancing the industry following mistreatment of animals in 2011.
ISLAMABAD -- New Delhi has apologized with Islamabad over the mistreatment of Pakistan's diplomat in India.
WORLD Elder Abuse Awareness Day next weekend is aimed at safeguarding the elderly and vulnerable adults from harm or mistreatment.
CAIRO, May 8 (KUNA) -- The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Israeli Ambassador in Cairo Ykov Amitai over the recent mistreatment of Egyptian embassy staff in Tel Aviv.
Organizational injustice: Third parties' reactions to mistreatment of employee