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an incorrect translation

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Mo Yan's fabrication shows the wit and humor of his creative work; however, English-language readers do not find the explanation for the quotation in Goldblatt's translation and would likely think that the passage originates from Stalin indeed so that the work can be regarded as a "novel of socialist realism" of some kind and this is a clear mistranslation that does not serve the US-American reader because of its inaccuracy (although some readers would perhaps think that since the novel is by definition fiction, whether the Stalin quotation is true or not would be considered immaterial).
Bayern later moved to blame a mistranslation, insisting the word "actor" should have been "performer".
Qassem Sulaymani, has become the victim of a mistranslation that depicts him as claiming Iran "dominates" Iraq and the Shiites of Lebanon.
But the actual phrase "Red Sea" might simply be a mistranslation of the Semitic name for it meaning Sea of Reeds, or even a reference to the tiny reddish algae that cluster near the surface.
It may be ill advised to spend nights in an icy tent watching your breastbone emerge from underfed flesh; to suffer diversions caused by mistranslation or malicious misdirection, rabid dogs, and a recalcitrant donkey with the top speed of a tortoise.
Reuters earlier erroneously quoted Merkel as saying that reforms must go further, based on a mistranslation.
He can speak excellent English, but he gets some of his words mixed up and I think it was a mistranslation which won't happen again.
In the book's title, the word "gods" came from a mistranslation of an Arabic word for civic official--a role the authors played.
He spoke a little English, although not enough, but we must have got on reasonably well in our welter of mistranslation because he asked me to join him and his friends in another bar.
But now it has emerged there was a mistranslation and three months is the time he must serve before qualifying for prison privileges.
The King James mistranslation oversold the "legitimization" of virgin birth.
Greek media cited Talat as using the term "agreement" although it is not clear whether this was a mistranslation of the original statement.
Sin explained her pen-name, Mynydd Segur, is a mistranslation of Montsgur, a castle not far from where she wrote most of the novel.
of mistranslation and Michelangelo's marble mistake.