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By contrast, quotations in Latin are all translated, but they leave out words and phrases in the original, or mistranslate them.
But with the abrupt departure of George's wife, Mary (Betsy Brandt)--"Say the right thing," she tells him in a dream, "and maybe I won't go"--lab work takes a backseat to the metaphor of language archive as a repository of lovers' private dialects, including idioms they themselves often mistranslate.
Similarly they fail to identify the source for the epigraph to 'Apparent Failure' (although that task is not an easy one), they mistranslate the Latin pectora as 'souls' (436), and they think that 'glossa' in 'A Death in the Desert' (442) is the Latin for 'explanatory note' when the context (New Testament Greek) must mean that it is Greek for 'language'.
Informing his dull wife that "the only woman I am chasing is adventure" (which subtitles mistranslate as "happiness"), Verne (Marco Villarubia) sails to Amazonia with partner Stradelli, a hot-headed but dedicated scientist.
To link his sexual-desire thesis with modern music Jones needs to create historical connections and mistranslate key documents, which are intimately associated with his Nietzsche portrait.
An Arabic daily had reported earlier about how people have complained about sign makers in the UAE and how they butcher the Arabic langauge and mistranslate shop names.