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Finally , not all my 'lasts' are mistily nostalgic.
In the farthest reaches of my mind I mistily wondered if the paper would consider stopping publication for one day as the ultimate tribute, but knowing Letty she would never have allowed that to happen from the great beyond; and so the front page on Saturday morning was a first in the history of Philippine journalism.
As my luxury Learjet purred over the Caspian ( or whatever exotic sea he's constantly flying across), I'd gaze mistily out the window as night gave way to day and with it, the promise of more remote- controlled bedlam.
and the gathered thousands roared their last heartfelt hurrahs for him as he waved mistily to all those who, he at last understands, all but venerate him and love him for the extraordinary heights to which he has taken jump racing.
This quote from the book has been matched by the editor/translator of Accounts of China and India who describes the book as: "It is a short book, but it has a sweeping perspective, from the Swahili coast to a rather mistily glimpsed Korea.
It was," he says mistily, "the most important night of my career.
Here the historical dividing line is indeed drawn, but the past is deliberately fictive, folkloric, and mistily ancestral.
By rearranging the individual components of an artwork in a new, untenable relationship, Painting Paraphernalia brings to mind Hans Haacke's Condensation Cube, 1963-65, which makes mistily visible the effects of the all-encompassing institution.
And while many who mistily list Waterboys hits like The Whole Of The Moon as the soundtrack to their youth might hastily disagree with such self-deprecation, Scott adds that the residents of one former mining village in the Valleys might not be quite so quick to object.
It is good to be looking at some positive aspects rather than only bemoaning the cloying effect of an expansive mistily swirling swamp of imitative and too often formulaic horror/romance.
Together with the critique of 'tyranny of freedom' aspects of modern life in the industrial world, and the recurring references to an unnamed idyllic holiday island, the tone of the discussion in places verges on the mistily nostalgic, though he is canny enough to rein this in for the sake of 'liberal sobriety' rather than 'liberal pessimism', and he stops well short of endorsing any full-bodied paternalism.
The stormy seas around New Brighton lighthouse, taken by masheded, and the mistily atmospheric shot of Croxteth Country Park, looking towards West Derby Village, captured by "Mr Grimesdale" (Steve Wallace) complete our Best of 2009 selection.
The evidence consists of reminiscences that, apart from those of a man named Isaac Cogdal, informants told dimly, mistily, after a span of thirty or more years.