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Synonyms for mistakenly

Synonyms for mistakenly

in a mistaken manner


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Two students from Semari village of Neelum Valley, Iftikhar 14 and Salas 13 were entered into the Occupied Kashmir by crossing the LoC mistakenly.
During Sunday's blunder, Best Picture presenters were mistakenly given an envelope that read, "Emma Stone, 'La La Land,' resulting in Dunaway and Beatty announcing "La La Land" as the winner opposed to the actual winner, "Moonlight.
The Court of Misdemeanour has sentenced a Bangladeshi man and an Indian woman to one year in jail for mistakenly transferring $1.
In an interview with reporter, here on Thursday, he said, ICIJ itself has admitted that the name of Prime Minister, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was mistakenly included in Panama Leaks due to the mistakes by its editors, adding that now it was ethical responsibility of ICIJ to take stern action against its staff responsible for this mistake.
The article mistakenly referred to the zodiac years as months.
BEIRUT: A 7-year old child mistakenly shot his mother dead over the weekend as he was playing with his father's pistol, a security source told The Daily Star.
Mistakenly, she replied to 4424 twice instead "just to make sure the bank got it".
mistakenly Earlier this week Ryanair launched legal action against Google and travel website eDreams over claims consumers are being conned into mistakenly believing they are booking flights direct with the carrier.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- In the latest example of unjust pressure on the media, a court case has been filed against the Meydan daily for publishing the words of a politician, while journalists from another daily entirely unrelated to the matter were mistakenly included in the criminal complaint.
This fall, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sent out letters to thousands who had mistakenly received some $24 million in emergency assistance funds to reimburse the agency, reports The Wall Street Journal.
PARAM Vir Chakra recipient Yogendra Singh Yadav has been running from pillar to post to clear his name in a case after the police mistakenly charged him with disturbing peace in his village Aurangabad Ahir.
He said the NATO jets mistakenly bombed ALP personnel during the ongoing operation in the district.
The 'X-Men' star was happy when he was mistakenly identified as 'Gay' in one of the articled posted in the UK publication.
If in the 'real world' someone gets caught robbing or mistakenly taking a television or claiming benefits "mistakenly" they do not get the luxury of saying "it was a mistake I will pay the money back and offer my unreserved apology".
Despite being handed a two-year jail term, the 41-year-old, who cannot be identified because of courtreporting restrictions, was mistakenly freed last Wednesday.