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Synonyms for misstep

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Synonyms for misstep

an unintentional but embarrassing blunder

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One thing I've found particularly helpful in addressing past missteps is to analyze what went wrong and build a process around it to ensure the misstep doesn't recur.
The program's one choreographic misstep was Stroller Derby, parodying the hectic maneuvers of mothers airing their infants.
To submit a marketing, advertising, branding or public relations misstep for consideration, please visit BrandDrive.
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): American businessman Herman Cain has added another foreign policy misstep to his stumbling presidential campaign, by saying that the Taliban were playing a role in Libya's new government.
Unfortunately, the design introduced by the artist gets lost amid the intricacies created by the anonymous weavers--the show's only misstep.
Shepard covers the West in his stories and writes primarily about the lowly and the sad and those who have made a misstep somewhere and can't seem to regain their footing.
His misstep was a false climax, which broke the flow before resolving the piece: each dancer embraces the mother and departs.
Thus the community has an opportunity not only to avoid a new legal-social misstep but to correct a previous one.
Meanwhile, the pharmaceuticals, fearing their halcyon days were over and they'd have to compete on the street with everybody else (and with the phone in front of the liquor store out of service), recovered from their initial misstep of threatening to withhold vaccines from schoolchildren, and put their money and samples on the true torchbearers of the democratic process, the Business Roundtable: Jim Cooper, Lancelot.
Cancer researchers have found additional evidence that a mutation in a recently discovered gene is the first misstep in the series of genetic stumbles that leads to colorectal cancer.
Instead, this was a forgivable mulligan - a slight misstep in an otherwise exceptional 10-game homestand.
Many are taking advantage of available sublet space, which at first glance may seem like an attractive bargain, but in reality may be a costly misstep.
There is never a misstep in the narration, and the narrator, immersing the listener in these people's lives, enhances the atmosphere of time and place created by the author.
One misstep under SEQRA can be fatal to a project," says Jon Ward, a partner at the law firm of Sahn & Ward, Long Island-based-land use and real estate firm.
Occupying the entire front room of the gallery, the structure animated the space with its impalpability, instilling in the viewer the fear either of not seeing the work clearly or of accidentally destroying it with a misstep.