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The announcement comes three months after the state announced it was suing the company over allegedly misspent money, after thousands of requests for medically unnecessary braces were approved.
Money is being misspent by our council on things that do not matter, but books and education do.
A misspent youth of booze and shoplifting helped Michael develop the refined self-loathing from which Johnny emerges, his alter-ego frequently wresting control of the narration via an irksome trick of fonts.
May, a Glasgow-born former journalist, does a good job of evoking old memories from Macleod's misspent youth.
A free event featured poetry recitals and a performance from ukulele band Misspent Uke.
Brussels will increasingly hold member states accountable for misspent farm subsidies in its next version of Europe's Common Agricultural Policy, according to plans for financing and monitoring payments leaked recently to European media outlets.
More of our tax being misspent by the Secretary for Transport; and in particularly when only the taxpayer who says 'Yes' is allowed to vote?
Pretty good apart from my knees which was caused by a life misspent playing too much sport.
But now that the trade union bosses have begged, pleaded and even threatened them into mass protests and, yes, misspent protests, it comes with any militant trade union action.
Barrel of a gun; a war correspondent's misspent moments in combat.
The President has reassured the Japanese society that the money received by Ukraine for selling quotas on carbon emission gasses under the Kyoto Protocol and later misspent by the previous government has been recovered.
That level of indolence makes my misspent youth sound like an Enid Blyton adventure.
We are working hard to achieve the best possible control of farm spending in order to verify that taxpayers' money is not being misspent," EU Agriculture Commission Dacian Ciolos said.
The True Crime section of most bookshops are full of the strangely homoerotic memoirs of men who have spent - or misspent - their weekends in pursuit of physical contact with other men in pub car parks or motorway service stations.
In its annual recoup of misspent EU farm payments, the Commission demanded GBPounds GBP48 million be returned by Britain because of "weaknesses .