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the organized work of a religious missionary


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Overall, it can be viewed as a "Century's Report Card" for the United Church of Christ and Christian missionary work in Africa in general.
During her missionary work as the principal, or president, at Friends Theological College, she learned more about the importance of cultural dimensions and perceptions, and plans on bringing her new perspective to her students at Loyola.
Scattered throughout the book are illustrations that come from his missionary work in Europe after World War II and particularly his time doing relief work in Algeria, then French-controlled.
Jonathan Cheetham, general manager for The Pallasades, added: "The work of Father Jim Fleming is an asset to Birmingham with his continued efforts having returned from missionary work and assisted our local people.
They will be reversing the paths taken by 19th-century British missionaries, spending time in 21st-century Britain and going about their own missionary work.
Provencio's strong work ethic and missionary work with a local church were instrumental in making him a recipient.
Ernie was in Iran on a tourist visa for his missionary work as a singer for a religious group there, the Philippines News Agency said.
AN 80 YEAR LD priest held hostage for a month in the Philippines has returned to the country desperate to resume his missionary work.
Examining the teachings of Luther and discussing modern approaches to Missionary work and approaches that would be Lutheran missionaries should use, there is much to relish for readers in this volume that presents much to consider.
Ann is raising money to help Phil and Caroline Godin from Brockholes and their children Amy and Lauren go to the Dominican Republic in July for two weeks of missionary work.
The truth of the matter is that early Protestantism (whether Lutheran or Reformed) either because it was landlocked, or because it was not yet rooted in countries capable of challenging the domination of the world's oceans by the Spanish and Portuguese, first had to concentrate on missionary work within Western Europe.
Worldwide, he has done medical missionary work in the Ukraine, Moldova, Brazil, Nepal, and South Africa.
00) focuses on the missionary work of women in the history of Christianity, focusing on their roles as missionaries in the Catholic church and providing a solid blend of women's history and spiritual review.
Mr Ballam, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and widow Mrs Powell of Woodbridge, Suffolk, sent an email to friends saying: "The men were on missionary work from Palm Beach - so someone was looking after them.
Taliban militants yesterday agreed to free 19 South Korean church volunteers held hostage for more than a month after Seoul agreed to end all missionary work and keep a promise to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year.