missionary position

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a position for sexual intercourse

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I think this situation calls for some brutal honesty - has he always been a missionary position man?
In particular, the study recommends the couple must eschew the missionary position in which the arms are propped on the elbows.
Gernika were happy to have them and Worcester were happy to be there and what consenting adults get up to in the missionary position is their own business.
When the matter became public, Bishop Casey resigned his post and left for a missionary position in Ecuador.
Ditching the missionary position for something new can be very exciting.
It will be quite a challenge, given that the missionary position in this case is no sex of any kind.
The essay examines the effects of Nathan's missionary position on his wife, his four daughters, and the Congolese.
The work in question is a torrid luxe love confessional by Jamie Brisick that exults both martinis and the missionary position.
In books such as The Missionary Position, No One Left to Lie To, and The Trial of Henry Kissinger, he has crafted thoughtful and provocative extended indictments of Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, and the former secretary of state and Nobel Peace Prize winner; his recent collection, Unacknowledged Legislation: Writers in the Public Sphere, was reviewed in the July issue of REASON.
She warned that the only position the United States had "ever adopted toward us, country to country, has been the missionary position, and we were not on top.
So, to paraphrase the first line of Christopher Hitchens' anti-Mother Theresa polemic, The Missionary Position, who would be so base as to pick on these computer geeks, who have promised their wealth to the needy and destitute?
The typical example of the missionary position toward LT is represented by the book of Robert Compton, La teologia de la Liberacion, una guia introductoria (El Paso: Casa Bautista de Publicaciones, 1984).
don't want Peeping Toms with subpoena power peering into their windows to see whether they're in the missionary position.
In order to overcome this missionary position, we have to get back our primordial religious experience.
This is in sharp contrast with the classical missionary position whereby Westerners came telling them to dump all their "pagan" culture and swallow the Good News whole.
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