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Synonyms for mission

Synonyms for mission

a diplomatic office or headquarters in a foreign country


an assignment one is sent to carry out

an inner urge to pursue an activity or perform a service

Synonyms for mission

an organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to carry on religious work

the organized work of a religious missionary

Related Words

a group of representatives or delegates

References in classic literature ?
If you refuse this mission which has been offered to you, I shall detain you here until I have the means of sending you under escort to France.
Monsieur, I discharged my mission faithfully: I put the Count's arguments, I stated his offers, without adding any comment of my own.
You can imagine that he would not have sent a stranger on such a mission.
And yet," said Milady, with a persistence that proved she wished to see clearly to the end of the mission with which she was about to be charged, "if he persists?
Speaking personally, I have to record that I was rendered incapable of performing my professional duties in less than a week from the time when the mission reached its destination.
Fentolin," he added, with the air of one making a last effort to preserve his temper, "the mission with which I am charged is one of greater importance than you can imagine.
Your pretext of a political mission is, of course, an absurd one, but fortunately you have fallen into good hands.
Mission, quickly fired off an e-mail to me pointing out that the mission's kitchens serve healthy, hearty meals, not gruel.
A university's mission statement is a way to start the intellectual conversation about the purpose of the university and the promise the university is making to students and other stakeholders.
This was the education and training component of the new LCA mission strategy.
The whirlwind 13,000 s/f deal, which was brokered in little more than two weeks, rescued the Austrian Mission from a somewhat sticky situation.
I believe that the people of California and tourists from around the nation can preserve these mission buildings without passing the collection plate to Uncle Sam.
Certainly that escape from the missions was a survival method for individuals, as the lower classes of this region were reinforced by the exodus, but at the same time that dispersal signified the gradual disappearance of the Guarani mission Indians as a collective body.
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