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High school itself is personality, blown out into a hormonal misshapenness.
He was massive and hulking, to the point of misshapenness.
Superbly organized, cogently and powerfully argued, written gracefully and with conviction, Duval's revolutionary Design tramples roundly in the dust any lingering notions of structural disorder, misshapenness, and improvisation ("un livre improvise sans plan bien ferme" [Saulnier]), lack of intensity and interest (a "rather dull novel" [Screech]), and other criticisms frequently ascribed to Rabelais's first book.
However, it is a friendly monster, for all of its misshapenness and awkwardness.
To be considered for the Share A Smile program, candidates need to be examined by a participating dentist/orthodontist, who then determines whether major dental/orthodontic services are required to correct a severe malformation, misshapenness, or other irregularity.
Thinking of his work as mixed visually along musical lines, rather than built in a traditionally sculptural way, helps explain its strange, carefully imbalanced combination of high-minded abstraction, furniture-derived imagery, druggy misshapenness, and school-yard sincerity.
Yet if these latter passages are the most opaque, off-putting and at times irrelevant in the loose weave of Marmol's narrative, there is significance in their very misshapenness and inadequacy.